My German Vacation Journal 6: trains canoes and shoes

Homes on the Alster River
Homes on the Alster River
To the train we skipped along a trail by the lake, under a bridge, into a tunnel, to Rathaus, or council house where the city government is located.

We ate bratwurst and currywurst and walked to get gelato. Then canoes on the Alster river, a network of lazy canals winding behind huge beautiful homes with personal canoes, row boats and paddle boats docked in cozy inlets. A big storm blew and we took cover under a bridge in our canoes watching rain splatter the canal surface breaking its glassy top into dollops of shattered crystal.

Walking to the train...again
Walking to the train…again

Dinner at Fishertube where I ordered raw fish not on purpose and ate potatoes, fish and soup from the plates of an understanding family. Espresso and pastries , more trains, home to the hotel by 10:00.

Hamburg near town square
Hamburg near town square

It’s still very much day lit and not dark until 11:00. I couldn’t sleep so stayed up and wrote and read until falling asleep at 4:30 am, thirty minutes after sunrise.

Saint Petri Church Hamburg
Saint Petri Church Hamburg

Europeans seem to have no visible obesity issues despite bratwurst. Now I know why. Walking stairs and sidewalks to trains.

Canoeing under the treed canopy of the Alster River
Canoeing under the treed canopy of the Alster River


  1. I am enjoying your writings of your vacation. I feel like I am on vacation with you and your family. Tell everyone I said hi and have a great time. Can’t wait for more writing. Love ya

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