Hiking Like Elijah

Abraham Joshua Heschel said, “I did not ask for success; I asked for wonder.” Wonder is one of the reasons I stare at constellations, marvel at newborn babes, and hike with my son. We have hiked many miles over the years. Waterfall near Ithaca, NY The best part of hiking has always been wondering what’s…… Continue reading Hiking Like Elijah

Mystery Vacation

Some pictures and commentary from our road trip to New York. Encountered a wandering imp named David in Springfield, MO who eagerly joined in our roadside yoga in a lovely shaded park near the zoo. We enjoyed the first of daily pauses, listening to our designated poet, assigned joke teller, daily homily giver and quote maker.Enjoying Sunday…… Continue reading Mystery Vacation

Aunt Shirley

Dear Aunt Shirley: Aunt Shirley on the far left I wanted to come see you today, because you are one of my favorites, not just a favorite Aunt, one of my favorite people. We are traveling today, so instead of coming to see you, knowing how I like to talk, it might tax your energy…… Continue reading Aunt Shirley