The Breadth of the Gospel

The breadth of the Gospel goes everywhere. It shapes how I treat those on the other side of the political debate. It informs how I spend money, how I live in harmony with my wife, and how I do work. The Gospel is not the ABC’s of Christian faith, it is the A-Z of everything […]

More than enough

I can envision a time when I stop watching sports, because it’s become self-congratulatory, narcissistic, all-important, and ugly. And then a guy like Buddy comes along and redeems my cynicism and helps me remember the days of my youth when I played sports for no other reason than I loved the thrill of seeing the […]

The Cruise of the Rolling Junk

I was ready to say, “One Provolone With”, which means give me one Pat’s cheesesteak with provolone cheese and fried onions. But I choked. Since the lines at Pat’s King of Steak often stretch out onto Passyunk Avenue, you have to order quickly or risk the disdain of the cashier, not to mention the withering stares […]