The Day I Lost My Projector and Gained a Daughter

  Weddings wear me down and my smile begins to hurt, all the eating, hosting, hugging, social adrenaline, and dancing turns my legs to jelly. After Brandon and Liz drove away, I decompressed by checking the OU/Ohio State game which only compressed me more, as I listened to the announcers describe the Oklahoma football team’s […]

Singing the Question

I’m learning how to sing the national anthem out loud, but it doesn’t come naturally to me. And I always feel unresolved at the end of verse one because…well, it ends with a question and it’s not my favorite song, but hear me out. We all have to sing the song we know best. My wife […]

Election 2016

The peso will buy you fewer enchiladas today, pollsters are leaping from tall buildings, stocks are limit down, and my son is moving to Canada, which wasn’t the reason for the Canadian Immigration web site crash, but rather an interesting coincidence. What an election evening and I’m fairly apolitical. I sat watching the wide-eyed dour […]