The Technology of 1,000 Spoons

While Brandon was home this winter he was imitating a Coast Guard cutter on our frozen pond, whacking the ice from a kayak with a double-bladed oar. He broke the oar like a hobo eating a hard pretzel. Which means he really is my son. Our family has a long legacy of tearing things up.…… Continue reading The Technology of 1,000 Spoons

Why the SI swimsuit issue is in February 

Why is the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in February? Sports journalism is boring in February, at least 52 years ago it was. So sports were fabricated in February. Barrel jumping on ice, demolition derbies, and…bikinis? So 52 years ago, a bunch of men decided that bikinis were sport by proclamation. My brothers and I grew up…… Continue reading Why the SI swimsuit issue is in February