A Note in Each Pocket

My daughter Jenna texted me this message a few weeks ago while she watched the halftime events of an National Football League game. “Hey, Punt Pass and Kick is on the halftime show!” I didn’t bother to run and watch. I have seen kids kick a football. I was once one of those kids. I have many gold PPK trophies from my youth and if not for a stubbed toe on my punt, would have won the Oklahoma State PPK and been invited to compete at halftime of a Dallas Cowboys game as a nine-year old boy. I care little … Continue reading A Note in Each Pocket

The Touchdown Bunny Hop and Thoughts on Richard Sherman

Did Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks offer a sincere handshake to Michael Crabtree in the heat of the moment and was his comment, “Hell of a game, hell of a game!”, real? Only Richard Sherman can answer that. He seems like a nice guy, postgame rant notwithstanding. It did make me think that youngsters take their cues from the best players in the world and that my son and nephews and cousins all play ball, and that they watch these interviews and on-field behaviors. My son wasn’t a star, he didn’t always get to play a lot, but I … Continue reading The Touchdown Bunny Hop and Thoughts on Richard Sherman

Humility in a Sea of Tranquility

Neil Armstrong used to tell dry punchless jokes about the moon and then follow them up with, “Ahh…I guess you had to be there.” . Well, I was there…at least I felt deep down in my soul I was there with Neil. It was Sunday evening, July 20, 1969 and I stepped out of the back seat of a white Buick in our driveway which was surrounded by a cluster of canopied scrub oak. Walking out into the center of our front yard to escape the trees, I peered into the gathering of the evening as it mingled with day, … Continue reading Humility in a Sea of Tranquility