30 days to change

Studies show that if you repeat something often enough, say 30 days in a row, it becomes part of you. A habit if you will. That’s not really science, I made it up, but it seems true. I’ve decided to practice this to see if it works. I’ll  give you a report after thirty days. I have many 30 day regimens already planned, but I will begin simply. My first thought is to change something in my diet, to change my stance from vile hatred to, dare I say, affection. So I’m going to eat something I hate for 30 … Continue reading 30 days to change

A Note in Each Pocket

My daughter Jenna texted me this message a few weeks ago while she watched the halftime events of an National Football League game. “Hey, Punt Pass and Kick is on the halftime show!” I didn’t bother to run and watch. I have seen kids kick a football. I was once one of those kids. I have many gold PPK trophies from my youth and if not for a stubbed toe on my punt, would have won the Oklahoma State PPK and been invited to compete at halftime of a Dallas Cowboys game as a nine-year old boy. I care little … Continue reading A Note in Each Pocket

Do You Ever Yearn?

Do you ever yearn? Some folks yearn to write. Others yearn to paint, or to capture images with a camera, or yearn to connect to a husband or wife or daughter or son…or to God. Yearning embraces a sense that somethings missing, that perfection or wholeness or actualization or some other buzzword of fulfillment is incomplete. Is yearning the sign of an emotionally healthy person? Beats me, I don’t have the definitive answer, but I have observed yearning, pining, hankering, craving and emotional thirst as a common characteristic of the humanity I’ve encountered in my relational universe. Yearning is even … Continue reading Do You Ever Yearn?