The Sound of Silence

“You are awfully quiet, are you ok?” That question was asked of me often in my youth. I replied aloud, “Yes, I’m fine,” while I silently thought, “You sure talk a lot, are you ok?” God forgive my bias toward quiet people. I do embrace my introversion though, because I had quiet mentors in my life who were not afraid to gather themselves in a single point of consciousness instead of being┬ádispersed everywhere into a cloud of chatter and unimagined extroversion. My Grandpa Taylor was a quiet man. He once served on the school board in the Timber Hill area … Continue reading The Sound of Silence

The Wind in My Hair

I drove my wife and my daughter Jenna and her boyfriend, Josh, to see bison yesterday. Northwest of Pawhuska, OK is a Tallgrass reserve where buffalo still roam the grasslands. Josh and Jenna are both Harding University All-Conference athletes and their school mascot is the Bison…so they wanted to encounter the beast face to face. It was an unseasonally cool late Sunday afternoon and we eventually discovered a herd of about sixty bison. We got out of the car and I stood looking east, down into a verdant valley, a cool 68 degree breeze ruffled the flap of my polo … Continue reading The Wind in My Hair