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I bought a Macintosh computer in 1984. No hard drive, only a single 128K RAM processor used to run floppies which held both data and software programs. I still suffer from floppy drive elbow from switching disks again and again and again. That experience softens my adventurous notions about cutting edge technology. My practice is to let others suffer the technological ignominy while I take notes on a yellow legal pad. So, here are my top ten reasons I still prefer to read bound books.

10. I can quickly find the larceny scene of Silas Marner by simply finding the page tinged with mustard as I lunched with George Eliot one crisp fall day.

9. Books never need recharged.

8. I have a heightened sense of the tactile…to touch is to know, to feel, to experience a books personality in different forms, leather-bound, paper back, slick paper, ragged paper, serrated edges, crisp pages, wrinkled pages, torn and worn pages.

7. My library of old-fashioned books, perhaps 500, is more imposing and revealing in a glance to a visitor in my home than if they were to view my Kindle…which sits alone on my nightstand in an orange cover, contents unknown. 

6. I don’t have to remember to power down my bound books which frustrates me when I pick up the Kindle and find it powerless.

5. I still enjoy the sound of turning a page.

4. A sense of rich accomplishment feels more profound when closing a book cover after reading the last page, especially a hard cover.

3. Sometimes I can’t find the on button which never happens with a codex.

2. If I lose “To Kill a Mockingbird”, I have four more copies in various cover designs and binding styles. If I lose my Kindle, I’ve lost 500 books all at once. (I know it’s recoverable…but what a pain!)

1. I love to use a bookmark and to see at a glance the growing thickness of the read pages versus the unread pages.