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imageAfter breakfast we opened the French doors as a breeze gently entered our room off sun-drenched Lake Alster. Just as a breeze blew in on Pentecost in the book of Acts. Just as that same breeze ripples through the lives of my family in a non-coercive way. Gently, hopefully, faithfully, lovely.

I listened to my wife and three children talk about the miracle of faith, this was our cathedral, our church, our spiritual renewal time.

Today is Sonntag, Sunday. I preached…sort of. I recited a lesson from Roger Hladky, a good friend from New Jersey. How to live a strong life. 1 Faith. 2 Courage. 3 Discipline. 4 Develop your skill set. 5 Live with passion.

Tomorrow is a national holiday. Pentecost. A Christian holiday. The parks and eating establishments and shopping plazas are full, the cathedrals, mostly empty.

Today we sat quietly in Saint Petri Church, a picture of Martin Luther hung on the back wall, a pipe organ the size of a dairy barn dominated the rear and stained glass so pretty one could only glance at it for a moment then look away as if it were the sun or the face of God Almighty. We sat and prayed. For each other. For Deutschland. For our own country and family and friends back home. And for a gentle wind to come, to move us, to shape us, whether we are ready or not.