A Mother’s Gaze

My life is now viewed through the lens of my children’s children. They call me Bubs. Karen and I spent this past week with Jenna, Andrew, and their newborn girl, Charlie Ann. This brought back memories of bringing home our daughter Lauren after a few days in the hospital. I remember thinking it incredible that […]

Look up, child

Look up, child. The moon once pregnant, rises above the trees and changes to a fertile crescent. Days go by, frost greets dawn. Leaves turn, yellow red brown, chastened from branches, by a blue wind. See the swirl of autumn, that rains brilliant leaves, falling, hugging the earth, old friends. The days shine, a sparkling […]

Unfound Doors

I’m writing this from the 17th floor of a beach-side balcony with one eye on the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean and one eye on my screen. The sun rises in the east just like at home where Karen and I admire it’s ascent from our garden patio each morning in Oklahoma. Here it […]

Flying to Carolina

My wife tells me she would like to get inside my head for a day and just look around. I tell her I’d like a little notice so I can tidy up the place, take out the trash, and make my bed.  Maybe today would be a good day for her to visit my brain […]

Fishing with a Dotted Line

The young woman helping us was friendly and we struck up a conversation. We tell her about our fly fishing trip and she says, “I love to fly fish!” She tells about her Dad taking her fly fishing just down the road. Before wading into the river, they would stand on a bridge above the water watching the motions of the trout. She loved how they drifted with the current.

We May Never Pass This Way Again

My summer of 1977 was bookended by Harry and Elvis. Harry Whittaker, the President of our Senior Class at College High School, always had a way of making you feel better than you had the right to feel about yourself. We were talking, just hours removed from walking across the stage to receive our diplomas. […]

Buying Crayons for Charlotte Ann

They say grand-parenting is grand. So I’ve been told a thousand times by friends whose worlds have been changed by their children’s children. We have names waiting for the tender voices of our grand little ones. My name is Bubs and Karen is Keke. Who knows if those names will stick. The only thing I […]

Meandering Scars

I once heard two boys talking as they gazed through a fence at some girls playing. After surveying the situation, one boy asked the other, “whaddya wanna do?” The second boy replied, “Let’s throw rocks at ‘em!”  This was generally my way of courtship through my teens. Slowly though I came to express love through […]

Kenny Walker

My father was just a kid when he heard the news about uncle Kenny. Terrel Taylor was raking hay on a neighboring farm when his mother, Grace Walker Taylor, drove towards him in the meadow crying, saying that her brother, Kenneth Walker had been shot. Kenny Walker’s U.S. Fourth Infantry Division arrived off the shore […]