Lake Wisconsin

Ribbons of dry tall corn stripe bright green pasture in western Wisconsin Shining blue lakes dot central Wisconsin International Harvester at Ski-Hi Apple orchards Original 1850’s homestead at Ski-Hi orchard at the orchards A lady from Oshkosh took our picture at the orchards Bob Martin exploring the shores of Devil’s Lake Devil’s Lake is a…… Continue reading Lake Wisconsin

The Naked Eye

Rain drips from the eaves of our cabin porch near Westcliffe, Colorado, as Led Zeppelin’s The Rain Song plays in my ear pods. It’s 60 degrees and the sky is electric as I gaze at the Sangre de Cristo Mountains rising like blue steel in the distance. The mountains whisper as I write, distracting me,…… Continue reading The Naked Eye

Saying Goodbye

One of the enduring images of watching his earthly body fade was Mom reading Facebook comments to him. Mom often read to all six of us in the car on vacations, assorted books, Reader’s Digest jokes, the Bible. It was this traveling voice in the car she used as she read hundreds of your comments to Dad in the past few weeks.

April 18, 2020

April 12 My brother Greg mentioned that there are perhaps more moments of children and parents  having a catch these days. In my childhood, this would have been my sister or my dad with whom I had a catch. I hit my sister in the shin once with a fastball and she hasn’t tossed a…… Continue reading April 18, 2020