Dancing Around the Costume Chest

Back in the days when my kids believed in Santa and my words had the force and weight to either bless them or crush them, our daughters and son indulged in make-believe, dressing up to become the character of their dreams through the magical powers of the family costume chest. It was magical only in the sense that this chest of clothes, accumulated from garage sales and bad Christmas gifts, held the power of transformation. Our children became Andrew Lloyd Webber’s costume designer leading friends like pied pipers to the costume chest where they transformed into eye-patch pirates wearing tricorn … Continue reading Dancing Around the Costume Chest

Megan’s Hands

My daughter Jenna and I have a special hand shake thing which is difficult to describe but something that we’ve done since she was very young. It’s our secret and I can’t entirely divulge how it works, just that’s it’s our special hand to hand bond that she know’s me and I know her and that we love one another. I thought about how blessed I am to have this bond of touch with Jenna as I read what Mike Cope wrote about his daughter, Megan, and I thought of how our hands are a ministry to others. Karen and … Continue reading Megan’s Hands