Megan’s Hands

365050.TIFMy daughter Jenna and I have a special hand shake thing which is difficult to describe but something that we’ve done since she was very young. It’s our secret and I can’t entirely divulge how it works, just that’s it’s our special hand to hand bond that she know’s me and I know her and that we love one another. I thought about how blessed I am to have this bond of touch with Jenna as I read what Mike Cope wrote about his daughter, Megan, and I thought of how our hands are a ministry to others. Karen and I loved listening to Mike preach at the College Church in Searcy, Arkansas as we completed our schooling at Harding University circa 1986-87. Mike later became great friends and a great mentor to my brother Greg, a missionary in Uganda and now a preacher at the Garnett Church of Christ in Tulsa, OK. I’ve often listened to Mike speak and have noticed how often he talks about his daughter Megan. And so I was moved by Mike’s writing about Megan, a part of her life and influence that I had never heard before until reading this from Mike’s blog at the link below. You will be blessed by what Mike has shared here.

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