Abraham, Martin & Me

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It was the first time I ever prayed with my face touching the earth…and the first time I have ever had a prayer interrupted by a President of the United States. I lay prostrate on the green grass surrounding the Washington Monument, praying with ten other men in a tight circle, and a half million men all along the Washington Mall. It was October 4, 1997, a Saturday afternoon, and the Presidential helicopter with William Jefferson Clinton aboard, had just powered over our prayer huddle flying barely higher than the Washington Monument peak as if by… Continue reading Abraham, Martin & Me

I’m Pilgrim, but My Indian is Stirring

Part one My daughter Lauren has an ear tag from birth about the size of an uncooked lentil. At the age of four, she informed her two younger siblings that her ear tag was Cherokee Indian…the rest of her was Pilgrim. My understanding of my own Native Indian heritage is apparently less considered. During my four years of living and working near Tabernacle, New Jersey, where my wife was raised, the question of my roots would invariably arise given my speech inflection. A co-worker referred to me as Tom Bodett of Motel 6 radio commercial fame…”I’m Tom Bodett for Motel … Continue reading I’m Pilgrim, but My Indian is Stirring