My Germany Vacation Journal 2: Lord, I just want to see, and eat some bratwurst

The things you see when you travel, airports, planes and places of sanctity I’ve heretofore resisted revealing. I stood next to a young man in the Tulsa airport men’s only place of business expressing our relief and noticing his multitask wizardry. He was text messaging. I won’t ask to borrow his phone I won’t I won’t shake his hand no not I said Sam I am. Two hour plus flight Tulsa to Washington, D.C. staring at the back of a guys head wearing a hat that says Airservice Hawaii Honolulu as he drinks a Heineken purchased with a MasterCard at 31,000 feet on the 70th anniversary of The D-day landing at Normandy. Aaaahhh…what a world we inhabit. I wonder if Honolulu Heineken is remembering and appreciating the day of days…the longest day of many a soldier’s life… The shortest day of many a brave soul. God bless triple H man drinking a cold one at 31,000 feet and bless all those patriots at sea level, and below the breaking blood stained waves, seventy years ago.

Now I’m standing at auntie Anne’s eyeing a pretzel dog at Dulles airport in DC flying to Frankfurt and on to Hamburg when it dawns on me we are flying Lufthansa, a metal bratwurst with wings and our destination is a hot dog and a hamburger. So I passed on the pretzel dog and ordered a hamburger from the Five Guys counter. Loaded down with a six dollar 5 guys burger, I’m ready for an 8 hour transcontinental flight to Frankfurt and Hamburg and the capital country of salted and cured meats.

One response to “My Germany Vacation Journal 2: Lord, I just want to see, and eat some bratwurst”

  1. Saw a very moving documentary last night on PBS about D Day. Told about twin boys from Ohio, one had a very short day and the other a long one. There was a picture of the survivor visiting his brothers grave. Amazing that in the midst of all that carnage there were people who buried the dead and marked their graves. Thanks for reminding us. Soak up the countryside and let us see it through you. Love, Mom

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