The things you see when you travel, airports, planes and places of sanctity I’ve heretofore resisted revealing. I stood next to a young man in the Tulsa airport men’s only place of business expressing our relief and noticing his multitask wizardry. He was text messaging. I won’t ask to borrow his phone I won’t I won’t shake his hand no not I said Sam I am. Two hour plus flight Tulsa to Washington, D.C. staring at the back of a guys head wearing a hat that says Airservice Hawaii Honolulu as he drinks a Heineken purchased with a MasterCard at 31,000 feet on the 70th anniversary of The D-day landing at Normandy. Aaaahhh…what a world we inhabit. I wonder if Honolulu Heineken is remembering and appreciating the day of days…the longest day of many a soldier’s life… The shortest day of many a brave soul. God bless triple H man drinking a cold one at 31,000 feet and bless all those patriots at sea level, and below the breaking blood stained waves, seventy years ago.

Now I’m standing at auntie Anne’s eyeing a pretzel dog at Dulles airport in DC flying to Frankfurt and on to Hamburg when it dawns on me we are flying Lufthansa, a metal bratwurst with wings and our destination is a hot dog and a hamburger. So I passed on the pretzel dog and ordered a hamburger from the Five Guys counter. Loaded down with a six dollar 5 guys burger, I’m ready for an 8 hour transcontinental flight to Frankfurt and Hamburg and the capital country of salted and cured meats.