Looking Down the Aisle Thirty Years

“Where will we be in thirty years,”
Was not on my mind
As I stood waiting,
Starched and bright eyed
Watching your loveliness
From the front of a church
Looking down the aisle
To you
And your Dad, Thomas
Walking proudly
On legs stiffened by scars and burning hard work
His joy holding on to his arm
Thom Karen Wedding
You didn’t know me then
I didn’t know you
We only knew words
For better, for worse
For richer, for poorer
In sickness and in health
To love and to cherish
Till death do us part
Stupid blind love married and had kids
Our parents stirring
Inside our heads drinking coffee
Telling us they told us so

Tonight we ate chocolate
Quartered and vetted
By our daughter
Our joy
And we laughed at half eaten
White chocolate raspberry truffles
As we looked
Back down the aisle thirty years
At our vows
That are no longer words

Family Beach Castle

Those vows are now
Faith Hope and Love
Our home has became
The place our hearts
Rest together
Happy Anniversary
I still see you coming toward me
From thirty years ago
And you are still lovely

7 responses to “Looking Down the Aisle Thirty Years”

  1. Brent
    You could have been another C.S. Lewis.
    I am happy for you and Karen, what a great family you have.
    Keep up the good Christian attitude
    We love you guys


  2. It’s hard to sum up thirty years in words but you did it well. Can’t wait to read what you write after thirty more years!! You are a beautiful couple – beauty that comes from inside and brightens your world! Love you

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