The Wedding Tree

If the opposite of love is apathy, then the least one can do in a marriage is care enough to occasionally say, “I hate you.” I never really learned how to constructively argue until the 10th year of our marriage, (I actually yelled at Karen) which was a revelation to me, not that confrontation is fun, but in the sharing of conflicting ideas, I am bigger and better and smarter, even when I’m wrong…which is most of the time.

My daughter, Lauren, is getting married in 19 days, in our backyard under the spreading limbs of the Hackberry tree which we now refer to as the wedding tree. Our soon to be son-in-law, Beck, helped us plant wildflowers under the wedding tree. I bought a new pair of shoes and Beck bought a cool suit from J. Crew, but nobody will remember my shoes, nor Beck’s suit. Everyone will be staring at my lovely daughter and listening to the preacher, which, by the way Beck, will be a lot like arguing, as loveliness and righteousness always rises above any notion of male relevance.

My younger brother Greg, who tends to bring a note of practical wisdom to his sermons and writings, will officiate. Our nephew recently married in New York, and here is what Greg wrote about faithfulness and staying on the dance floor no matter what. Great writing Greg!

Greg Taylor is co-author with Randy Harris of “Living Jesus” and author of “Lay Down Your Guns,” a true story about a doctor facing drug cartel mercenaries in the mountains of Honduras.

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