My Daughter and God

Karen and I dreamed separately (as is our normal way) two dark dreams last night. And it made us think of a story we read on vacation about belief and doubt. And no, this isn’t about my daughters per se, but it is about every parent who chooses to say I will or I will not teach my children to live by faith.

Here it is.

By Justin Cronin in Narrative Magazine

FOUR YEARS AGO, driving home from picking up our twelve-year-old daughter from summer camp, my wife reached into her purse for a tissue and lost control of the car. This occurred on a stretch of Interstate 10 between Houston and San Antonio, near the town of Gonzales. The accident occurred as many do: a moment of distraction, a small mistake, and suddenly everything is up for grabs. My wife and daughter were in the midst of a minor argument over my daughter’s need to blow her nose. During high-pollen season, she is a perennial sniffer, and the sound drives my wife crazy. Get a Kleenex, Leslie said, for God’s sake, and when Iris, out of laziness or exhaustion or the mild day-to-day defiance of all teenagers, refused to do so, my wife reached for her purse, inadvertently turning the wheel to the left.

Here is a link to narrative magazine

Or, you can read the article using this link

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