Pure Caffeine

My son once decorated his room with empty Red Bull and Monster cans. I didn’t realize that his habit was fed by my wife’s decaffeinated coffee, that bags of pure caffeine are pulled from coffee beans and shipped to Red Bull so youngsters can go faster and old folks can go slower.

Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, invented the Red Bull culture. He drank coffee like a madman. “Delightedly he poured sugar into the coffee cup until it was piled up above the rim. Next came incredibly strong, black coffee, which slowly dissolved the white pyramid. Then he gulped the whole thing down in one go.”

I wonder if he would have experienced the same rush drinking decaf? Is decaf just hot brown water? Can decaffeinated coffee only be redeemed by a slice of my Mom’s pie?

While grinding decaffeinated coffee beans recently, I wondered what was being ground and how was the caffeine removed?

I found the answer this morning on NPR.



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