Election 2016

The peso will buy you fewer enchiladas today, pollsters are leaping from tall buildings, stocks are limit down, and my son is moving to Canada, which wasn’t the reason for the Canadian Immigration web site crash, but rather an interesting coincidence. What an election evening and I’m fairly apolitical.

I sat watching the wide-eyed dour commentators and began to wonder what kind of moment I was watching in American history. Clearly it is a watershed moment. But it is unclear at this moment if the water is flowing downhill or back up the mountain. Time will tell.

I’ve lived with a Republican president 29 years. I’ve lived with a Democratic president 28 years. I’m certain that I will adjust to life with another president that gives me indigestion.

Forty-nine per cent of our country feel like it’s the end of the world. The other fifty-one don’t feel much better. Here’s to praying for everyone in our country, that we will listen more and talk less and embrace this moment with the grace that understands we are all born from the same indivisible waters of liberty and justice for all and that hope will once again arise in our collective hearts.

2 thoughts on “Election 2016

  1. Good response to the election, Brent. I never allow a presidential election to ruin my day. I’m much more concerned about whether the city truck picked up my trash this morning. You know, important stuff like that. — Rudy Taylor

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