Malibu is beautiful. The people are beautiful also. 60 is the new 40 here and everyone looks much too healthy, glowing like they might be famous or perhaps they are names on a rolling movie credit…anonymous yet vital. 

And Malibuans can spot us coming from miles away like the time we did hot yoga and they dumbed it down so I wouldn’t go into cardiac arrest on their yoga floor. And one evening, we walked into dinner at the Sunset Inn and encountered an older lady trying to navigate the front step. Bob took the lady by the arm and helped her down the step and her daughter said, “You must be from the south!” Bob replied, “Yes Ma’am, I’m from Alabama.” 

Malibu Farms with Dusty and Cecily

Eating at Malibu Pier, we noticed four tourists, one wearing a Pride of Broken Arrow jacket and introduced ourselves as Oklahomans. They are band parents, enjoying seaside dining while waiting to see their kids march in the Rose Bowl parade January 2.

Dusty took us to hot yoga. On our drive over, Dusty explained the idea of elective stress, placing yourself under duress and growing through the experience. He is working on these ideas for his masters thesis. Dusty and Cecily are Lulu Lemon models, so I definitely felt pressure to be flexible. I survived, not sure of growth but certain of a cleansing sweat.

Hot yoga with Dusty
Vacationing with the beautiful blond sisters
Watching the orange ball drop into the ocean at Moon Shadow grill
Morning breaks on Pepperdine campus
Bob Martin is a lot of fun to hang out with. Waiting to turn onto the Pacific Coast Highway we spied something in the road in the opposite lane…a radiator which we dragged out of a potential oncoming blown tire. You can tell Bob is from the south.
Muscle beach for gymnasts
Dusk settles over Malibu village
Sheila and Karen…always laughing at punch lines before they are spoken
Route 66 frames much of my life metaphorically and geographically
Feels a bit like Ocean City NJ boardwalk…caramel popcorn, street entertainment, pizza, hot dogs…makes you want to run away and join the circus for a weekend
Santa Monica Beach is three football fields deep here

Seagulls, Ferris wheels, salty cool sea breeze, roller coaster, indulgent fried foods, weathered boards, a shirtless white man in a silver flat billed hat pretending to be hip, a black man in a too loose suit singing James Brown. This could be Coney Island with palm trees and sushi. Thanks Dusty and Cecily! What a fun time we’ve had in Malibu!

2 responses to “Malibu”

  1. We had lunch with Mike and Darlene Rivas in Malibu last March… before driving PCH from there until it ran out, and into Oregon. Beautiful place/s, to be sure….

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