I Don’t Want to Be a Burden

Church at the Table of Nammy & Papa

Last night my Dad told those gathered around him, “I don’t want to be a burden.”

This morning, I read from Henry Nouwen’s, Adam’s Peace.

“Adam can do nothing. He is completely dependent on others. His gift is purely being with us. Adam’s peace is first of all a peace rooted in being. Being is more important than doing. How simple a truth, but how hard to live. Do not give up working for peace. But remember that the peace you seek is not of this world…Keep your eyes on the one who refuses to turn stones into bread, jump from great heights or rule with great temporal power.”

My Dad the handsome newlywed traveler

Last night, Greg told Dad that we are here for as long as we need to be here for him. This morning, Greg preached about being a servant. And he helped get Dad out of bed and dress his wounds and clean him.

Sometimes promises bring us to our knees

Watching Papa get old has not been easy. Last night he said to his children and wife, “I am ready to go home. Pray for me to have an easy transition.” We prayed together and sang the last song Terrel remembers his Dad leading, Walking Alone at Eve.

Papa’s grandkids share memories along with Daniel, Papa’s great-grandson who will remember none of that moment, but will one day look at this gallery and ask about his great-papa Taylor

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Be a Burden

  1. Thanks, Brent, for collecting our memories and our thoughts into words that we can store in our hearts. What a beautiful, emotional day 🥰

    1. I remember your dad as the named sponsor of the little league baseball teams of my youth. Please tell him “thank you!”

  2. Brent, your dad sponsored my little league ball team for all the years I remember playing. He occasionally came to our practices and games. Great guy! Please tell him “thank you” for all of us neighborhood kids!!!

    Brad Dickey

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