RV 5 Yellowstone

Watermelon kombucha at Fayes

Brunch at Fayes, an old schoolhouse now dining room. Faye serves breakfast til 11:00 or until 40 customers served whichever comes first. Huevos rancheros with stuffed jalapeños, salmon with quinoa and cinnamon rolls

Highway 89 north to Yellowstone NW entrance

Kayaking, fly fisherman, waders, swimmers, all are testing the currents of the Yellowstone as it flows north

Bighorn Ewe (I think) rather than a ram. I’m no expert although bob seems to be infatuated with them

We saw a bighorn in the middle of the road on a bridge and stopped as it trotted up the hill next to Bob’s window. This made Bob’s day, perhaps his year!

One of many geyser springs in a meadow

Old faithful has been faithful for at least 135 years. This is my third time. Perhaps a thousand folks watching waiting applauding then driving away to the next adventure.

Southwest Yellowstone Park
Southwest Yellowstone sheer slope with large debris field of Timber
Northwest Yellowstone
KOA west Yellowstone
KOA cookout elk, Ribs, bratwurst, trout
A late evening stroll towards the mountains and setting sun

I’ve seen old faithful three times. I sat and waited and wondered if the geyser would let us down finally and we could say we were there when the geyser became unfaithful. I wondered who had come to this spot long before me, without paying, to marvel. Who discovered it for the first time? Kiowa, Blackfeet, Cayuse, Shoshone, and other tribes traveled these same Yellowstone trails. They visited geysers, conducted ceremonies, hunted, gathered plants and minerals, as well as obsidian, which they used to field dress bison.

It was a good day. If our National Park System is not in the words of Ken Burns, “our best idea”, then it must at least be in the top three with baseball and the Constitution.

I hope all is well with you. See you down the road in Jackson.

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