RV 6 Targhee to Jackson Hole

Idaho farm
Haystack east of Idaho Falls
Old grain elevator in Idaho
Valley of grains and potatoes in Idaho west of the Tetons
Arnold Seed Potatoes
Grand Teton Peak in middle viewed from Idaho
Berry country
Targhee Resort Lift up to 10,000 feet and a western view of Tetons
Cauliflower appetizer Targhee Resort
Bike trails viewed from ski lift
Lift view southwest
More bike trails. A big summer draw
Summit of Fred Mountain Viewing Grand Teton at 13,800 elevation
Observation deck
Such majestic grandeur and yet this tiny chipmunk is thriving at the summit

Shalom see you in Colorado!

3 responses to “RV 6 Targhee to Jackson Hole”

  1. Not sure how close you got to Albion, Idaho where Magic Valley Christian College was from 1958 through 1969. We spent total of seven years there and are headed that way next week for a MVCC reunion. Enjoyed your posts!

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