Charleston in 3 hours

We ate here at 82 Queen. These walls date back to 1600’s, originally part of walled town square. Low country cuisine fried green tomato and bourbon ham.sandwich and tomato pie. Yum.
Stumbled onto a funeral at a really old Presbyterian church
Walking along Church street towards the harbor
Residence on Church street
Live oak alongside antebellum home
George Washington visited this street during his presidency
Trees and steeples share a majestic orientation
Oak trees grow into sidewalks and structures
Slavery shipping was outlawed in 1808 but trading still happened on streets and gathering places like the Market which is now a museum.
We spent time in a museum on the site that once housed a slave trading market. Much of the wealth of this beautiful place called Charleston, was built through the sweat blood and power of black slaves. Standing in that old building that once housed a marketplace for buying and selling human beings as nothing more that investments and property, often splitting families apart forever, husband from wife, mother from child, made me want to weep.
Example of cobblestone streets in old town
The museum where blacks were sold after Charleston passed a law prohibiting street sales of slaves. Charleston was supposedly too genteel to allow such a street spectacle so it was moved inside to places like this Mart which housed the museum we toured.
German fire company next door to the slave mart.
Pastel town homes

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