Look up, child

Look up, child.

The moon once pregnant, rises above the trees and changes to a fertile crescent.

Days go by, frost greets dawn. Leaves turn, yellow red brown, chastened from branches, by a blue wind.

See the swirl of autumn, that rains brilliant leaves, falling, hugging the earth, old friends.

The days shine, a sparkling stream, water turned to wine. Promenade through swirling leaves, tree-top sun-showers, unbridled smile, happy feet.

Hold close these days, of shameless dancing, bottomless joy. Look to the sky, where babes are lifted, swaddled in tomorrow’s hope.

Look up, child.

See your shining family, for better or for worse, announcing your birth to strangers. This is the place that they have to take you in, no matter what, shattering heartache, joyous laughter. Shalom, always home.

Look up, child 

See a galaxy of stars. Legacy streaks across the night sky. Once swaddled babes, comets evermore.

Look up, child

To the great unknown, lit with imagination, hope eternal, life everlasting, love that never ends.

Now, a newness comes, a fresh turning of tender shoots, soft cheeks, born to our own, discovered afresh in the aroma of a baby’s crown.

6 responses to “Look up, child”

  1. Wow, what a perfect description of the magic of fall and the wonder of a new baby. So beautiful and tender! I love it.

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