Arizona Wanderings

3rd row watched one of the most exciting pickleball matches ever as J W Johnson and Jorja Johnson defeated Anna Lea Waters and Ben Johns
Jerome, AZ. Serendipitous Airbnb stay at the mayor’s house which looked out east over the valley. Jerome is an fascinating old mining town re-discovered by hippies and artists and restaurateurs. 15,000 people lived here until 1929 and after the mine closed in 1953 the population dwindled to 100 in the Sixties. Now they claim over a million visitors annually. Remarkable!
Dinner at Mariposo Latin restaurant overlooking red rock country
Window view from the mayor’s house looking east towards Sedona 25 miles distant
Same window morning view
Jerome is a once abandoned mining town with rather random city planning
Karen enjoys our east view from the living room
All streets and walks are sloped and buildings carved into the mountain side
A lower tier of Jerome
Breakfast at Clinkscale Cafe delicious
Karen the history buff wandering Jerome
Karen is looking down on a collection of water closets passing tourists try to fill up with coins by tossing them down between the bars
Hiked up Secret mountain started in red dirt and transitioned to snow halfway up
More hiking

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